Godox Diffuser for AD-R6 7inch Bowens Mount Standard Reflector
Godox Diffuser for AD-R6 7 inch Bowens Mount Reflector Description:   Translucent thick plastic diffuser panel for Godox AD-R6 7inch Reflecot. Included Item List 1 x Godox Diffuser for 7inch Bowens Mount Standard Reflector
Godox 50Degree Honeycomb Grid for AD-R6 Standard Reflector
Included Item List : 1 x Godox 50degree Honeycomb Grid for 7inch Bowens Mount Standard Reflector Godox 50Degree Honeycomb Grid for AD-R6 7 inch Bowens Mount Reflector Description: This 50degree honeycomb grid helps to narrow down the light beam when focusing light is needed.
AD-S17 Godox Wide Angel Diffuser Dome for Witstro AD200/AD200Pro
  Key Features Soft, Shadowless, Omnidirectional 180-Degree Beam Spread The Godox AD-S17 Wide Angle Soft Focus Shade Diffuser for AD180, AD360 Speedlights and the AD200 Pocket Flash mounts quickly and easily and expands the beam spread to a near-shadowless 180-degree beam angle....
Godox Silicone Fender for AD200Pro Flash
Key Features Protects AD200Pro from Impact Can Be Used as Floor Stand for AD200Pro The Godox Silicone Fender is designed to protect your AD200Pro throughout the shooting process. The case provides an extra layer of sturdy protection, keeping the AD200Pro safe from...
Godox FG-100 Flash Grip for AD100Pro, AD200Pro and AD300Pro
This Flash Grip from Godox is a rugged and portable grip for the AD100pro, AD200pro, and AD300pro flashes, and it can also be used with any light or flash with a 1/4"-20 threaded hole. Its user-friendly design lets you quickly handhold and position your...
Godox AD-S9 Snoot for Witstro AD200/AD360
Model: AD-S9Concentrates light in a small area and highlights product details. Border areas fade into the dark. Good for shooting ear rings, watches, glasses, mobile phones, etc. Conical snoot: diameter 3.7cm, weight 40gCylindrical snoot: diameter 8cm, weight 70g Included Item List...
Godox Glass Dome Cover for AD300Pro
Key Features Storage/Transport Flash Tube Protection The Godox Glass Dome for AD300pro Flash Head protects the fixture's 300Ws flash tube during storage and transport. Included Item List 1 x Godox Glass Dome for AD300pro Flash Head
Godox PB-600 Shoulder Bag for AD600 Series
Godox PB-600 Portable Flash Bag Case Pouch Cover for Godox AD600 AD600B AD600M  Designed with reclosable cover. Easy to adjust the flash' s parameters and effective to avoid rain and dust simultaneously. 1. 100% Brand new and high quality.2. Pocket...
Godox RFT-22 Mini Reflector 60° for AD300Pro , AD400Pro, ML30 and ML60
Key Features 5.4" Diameter, 4.45" Deep Godox Mount, Faceted Silver Interior Intended for use on this monolight-style fixture, the 60° Reflector is a medium-spread modifier with a 5.4" diameter and a faceted silver interior that maximizes the light's output. The reflector has...
Godox MT-01 Mini Tripod Stand for Flash and Camera
 Specifications: Type: Godox mini tripod Model: MT-01 Interface (top): 1/4" screw Color: Black  Load Capacity: 1.5KG-2.5KG Folded Length:16cm Max. Extended Length: 21cm Applicable for: LED Video Light , Flashes, Mirrorless Camera, Micro DV, DSLR.   Included Item List 1 x...
Godox Standard Reflector AD-R9 for AD600Pro Bowens Mount
  This Reflector from Godox is a spare or replacement part for the AD600Pro Witstro outdoor flash. It uses a Bowens mount to attach to the fixture, shaping light into a tighter beam to help direct it towards your subject. This makes it well-suited...
Godox SN-01 Snoot (Bowens Mount)
Add some more precise control over where light falls on your subject and scene by using a Snoot with Honeycomb Grid from Godox on your light. This version is available with a Bowens S-type mount and the snoot will narrow the beam into a...
Godox Mount Speed Ring Adapter for QR-P70, QR-P90, QR-P120 SoftBox
This Godox Mount Speed Ring Adapter allows Bowens mount accessories to be used on QR-P70, QR-P90, and QR-P120 Parabolic SoftBox. Included Item List : Godox Mount Speed Ring Adapter for QR-P70, QR-P90, QR-P120 SoftBox
Godox 5inch RFT-3 Narrow Beam Bowens Mount Reflector
Key Features 35-Degree, Bowens Mount Designed for Godox monolights as well as flash heads from manufacturers that use this popular mount, this 5" Umbrella Reflector has a 35-degree beam spread that is ideal for evenly distributing the light generated by the head into an...
Godox 7inch Bowens Mount Standard Reflector
Godox AD-R6 7 inch Bowens Mount Reflector Description: Godox AD-R6 Standard Reflector Bowens Mount. Made of aluminium alloy, perfect fit, good quality reflector. Specification: Brand: Godox Height: 130mm Diameter: 7"/180mm Weight: 280g Irradiation Angle: 55° Included Item List 1 x Godox 7inch Bowens...
Godox AD-M Standard Reflector with 5 Color Gel for Witstro AD200/AD200Pro
This Standard Reflector with Diffusion Filter Compatible with Godox Witstro AD-180 / AD-360 AD200 Flash.   Included Item List 1 x Godox AD-M Standard Reflector 1 x Translucent Diffuser 1 x Red Filter 1 x Yellow Filter 1 x Green Filter...
Godox S-Bracket SpeedLite,Umbrella and Bowens Speed Ring Holder
S-type Speedlite Bracket As an optimized patented product, Godox S-type speedlite bracket is superior: all-in-one, smaller size, portable design, no assembly/disassembly, and easy mounting system. Quickly add Bowens-mount lighting accessories to get creative lighting effects. Features * No pre-assembly &...
Godox BD-08 Barndoor, Color Gel & Grid for AD400Pro
The Godox Barndoor Kit for AD400Pro Outdoor Flash contains a 4-way barndoor set, honeycomb grid, and one each, green, blue, red, and yellow filter. The barndoors allow you to light areas of the subject you want to and keep light from areas...
Godox BD-10 Barndoor, Color Gel & Grid for AD300Pro
The Barndoor Kit for AD300pro Flash Head from Godox provides what you need to light selectively as well as encourage creative expression. The barndoors have a 4-way design. Simply swing one or more leaves into the AD300pro's beam path to light the areas you...
Godox BD-07 Barn Door with Detachable Honeycomb Grid and 4 Color Gel
Godox BD-07 Dedicated Barn Door with Removable Honey Comb Grid and 4 color filters (Yellow, Green, Red, Blue) For Godox AD200 Flash.   Included Item List Included Item List : 1 x Barndoor 1 x Honeycomb Grid 1 x Red Color Filter 1 x Blue...
Godox AD-S2 + AD-S11 Kit
  Included Item List - 4 x Color Filter (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) - 1 x Honeycomb Grid for AD-S2 Reflector - 1 x AD-S2 Reflector for AD200/AD360/AD180  
Godox AD-R12 Long Focus Reflector for AD400Pro and AD300Pro (Godox Mount)
Key Features Ideal for Long-Throw Work Godox Mount The Long Focus Reflector for AD400Pro and AD300Pro Flash Head from Godox was designed to maximize the flash head's output to light distant subjects.   Included Item List 1 x Godox AD-R12 Loong Focus Reflector
Godox S2 Bowens Mount Speedlite Bracket
SPECFICATION: Model: Godox S2 Structure: Compressed and flat structure takes up little space. Mounting Method: peedlite body is hold and fixed by a big mount, which provides a stable and secure support. Installation: No pre-assembly and post-disassembly. Functions: With Bowens-mount,...
The Godox ML-CD15 Diffusion Dome is ideal for illuminating small spaces and rooms.  It expands the light's beam spread for 360° lighting. It creates a soft quality of light for more dimensionality and allows you to take advantage of variable light effects.  ...
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